Are you up to your neck in alligators?

When you woke this morning did you feel you were overwhelmed with your goals for today.  Let me share some ideas that may help.  They do for me.

Start the day with being grateful for where you are right now;  happy, healthy, safe or any one of a number of other thoughts.  Take the time to savour the things for which your are grateful as this will fill you with positive thoughts.

When you get up take time to stretch out and breathe – did you know deep breathing right down into your belly will still your anxiety and give you renewed energy.

Think of the three things you really want to mark off that “never finishing” to do list.  Things that matter to you or those you love.  Things that tonight you will relish having them completed.  Make sure you can get them done in the day – if one is very large can you “chunk it” so that you can achieve that first part today.

Then take a deep breath and focus and start on the first one.  When it is done reward yourself with a break or something that you find pleasurable.  Then take on the next….and the next.

At the end of each day remind yourself of your success, remind yourself of the other great things that happened during the day.  Use the “think deeply about three things” you have really enjoyed in the day to calm yourself ready for sleep.

Remember:  Your journey through life is one way, the journey is the reward and there is no replay.  Make sure your journey is one you know is worthwhile.

When all three are complete ensure you

“Double Dipping” – Tony you disappoint me again!

We had an election where you seemed to think paid parental leave was a good idea! Give all women their full salary (up to $150K) for 6 months plus Super!

I loved the 6 months and the Super payments. However, I believe a “fair” plan from the government would offer equal payments to women and then business could enhance as they saw fit.  Together with many others, I believe we needed focus on the 3 to 5 years and also pre and post school care so that parent’s work was not so impacted by hours of 9 to 3pm.

The plan we had already at least put us in the OECD list and was considered a little short by most but not too bad.

Then you drop the plan that you had constantly talked about. Then you have changed it so it is no longer universal so once again we are at the bottom of the OECD list. You are just motivating organisations to drop their payments. Super which was so important to you has gone by the board again.

Then you insult mothers who had simply and legally been paid PPL – what is wrong with you?

And how about childcare, before and after school care?

And we haven’t heard one word from you about the problem of “Domestic Violence”….37 women dead this year.

What kind of Prime Minister are you? In my view, just a prime minister for the boys!

Check out the “Fact Check”:

Today is a special day!

Each and every day in your life is truly precious. For every one of us there is no guarantee that you will see tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. So today is the day to be present and aware of how valuable it is.

Here are the things I am grateful for right now:

  • I am grateful to have my health. Although I am getting older and there are often creaks in the morning, I am able to walk, play with my grandchildren and work.
  • I am grateful for my ability to work. My work allows me to meet with many wonderful women and men and talk with them about their career and life challenges. My reward is when someone says thank you or remembers me years later.
  • I am grateful for my family. My dear husband is my rock and supports me in every way. My two sons are wonderful compassionate men with smart, savvy wives who I love dearly. I have 5 granddaughters and a grandson, all of whom are healthy and vibrant – sometimes a little to vibrant.
  • I am grateful that I have enough money that I can give some away to charities that help others. I love the work done by MSF, Good Return, Dress for Success, Raise, Stand for Trees and so many others.
  • I am grateful of wonderful friends. Friends who accept you just the way you are and are there when times are tough.

Today is the day I encourage you to take a few minutes to identify what you are grateful for and take the time to record it. Who knows what tomorrow brings but I know today I have so much to be grateful for.