Are you up to your neck in alligators?

When you woke this morning did you feel you were overwhelmed with your goals for today.  Let me share some ideas that may help.  They do for me.

Start the day with being grateful for where you are right now;  happy, healthy, safe or any one of a number of other thoughts.  Take the time to savour the things for which your are grateful as this will fill you with positive thoughts.

When you get up take time to stretch out and breathe – did you know deep breathing right down into your belly will still your anxiety and give you renewed energy.

Think of the three things you really want to mark off that “never finishing” to do list.  Things that matter to you or those you love.  Things that tonight you will relish having them completed.  Make sure you can get them done in the day – if one is very large can you “chunk it” so that you can achieve that first part today.

Then take a deep breath and focus and start on the first one.  When it is done reward yourself with a break or something that you find pleasurable.  Then take on the next….and the next.

At the end of each day remind yourself of your success, remind yourself of the other great things that happened during the day.  Use the “think deeply about three things” you have really enjoyed in the day to calm yourself ready for sleep.

Remember:  Your journey through life is one way, the journey is the reward and there is no replay.  Make sure your journey is one you know is worthwhile.

When all three are complete ensure you

Bledisloe Tickets…

I have two tickets (Row 40, 78 and 79), which I won at an event today but I am committed on Saturday night. These will go to the person offering the highest bid (to before 12 noon Friday. All monies will go to Good Return a charity that provides microloans to disadvantaged in Asia.

You must be able to pay and collect the tickets from Birchgrove either Friday afternoon or Saturday. Please pass to your network. Please provide your mobile phone number with your bid.

Creating Confidence

Most of us feel uncomfortable at times but it is so important to practice looking confident as this will make a difference even if the inner voice is still undermining you.  When you first meet someone 55% of their first impression is about how you look and especially how confident you look.

If you are sitting, sit straight up, with your head allowing eye contact with those around you.  Make sure that you are not hiding behind your eyebrows, hair or  hands.  Hair across your eyes gives an appearance of hiding and speaking from behind your hand makes it difficult to hear and also visually a weak sign.  Lean a little forward to show you are interested in the interaction.  If you sit that way you will look confident even if you are still nervous inside.

At a table, you can lean in, rest your arms but don’t hunch over.  Take the space you need.  Show that you believe you have a right to be there.  Others will see you as confident and that will make you more confident.

If you are standing, place your feet hip width apart and stand firm and tall.  Keep your head straight rather than tilted which may give the impression you are nervous, demure and cute.  Hold as tall as you can (I’m short).  I will sometime suggest we sit down if those I am talking with are much taller than I am!

Practice looking confident in front of a mirror!

Women’s Agenda :140 seconds, a microphone & a soapbox – I’m Worth It!

I am guessing almost everyone here is paid less than a man doing an equivalent role. I found out that I was paid a little over 60% of market value after 10 years at Apple!  In Australia the average gap is 18% but in some sectors it is over 30%.  You have a responsibility to get paid what you are worth. Why does it matter?

First: When promotion positions become available, those on higher remuneration are assumed to have higher skill levels and are more promotable.  Second: Your team member’s remuneration is limited by yours. This may encourage them to seek positions elsewhere.  Third: If you are doing the same role as a man you deserve the same remuneration – base and bonus!  And lastly, we all need to fight to remove the pay gap.

How will you do it?  Find out what you are worth in the market? Ask those you trust, a search consultant and search online. Be sure of your value.  Have the money conversation at least 5 times a year like men do! Not the sit down serious conversation but keep it on the agenda. Boss says “Good job”… You say “I hope you remember that at salary time”.  Ask your boss to review your salary and confirm that you are paid to market. Follow up and get him to look you in the eye when he gives you the answer!  Extra responsibility? Make sure you ask for extra remuneration or a grade change. Low on a higher grade gives more opportunity for larger increases in the future.  No pay increases this year … Then ask what about paying for the car, school fees, vacation or an additional bonus – every man will be asking those questions.  Monthly meeting with your manager – focus on your positive outcomes and be ready to slip in the bonus or pay reminder.

Don’t feel grateful for your role… This is a business negotiation. It took me three years to get my remuneration where it needed to be. Don’t follow my example follow my advice!

And for Australia? Could the government mandate 1% of the salary pool in every organisation be held and applied to removing the gender pay gap.  This could change the situation in a year or two instead of waiting for next century.

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Women finding new places to thrive!

I get so excited when I see women in our papers and online as successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs. Although our ASX 200 seems to have stalled in identifying and promoting women as top leaders we are seeing change coming through from other directions.

Today Melanie Perkins (CANVA founder) was in the business section of the SMH.  Fabulous article and a fabulous product.  From her LinkedIn – At 27, Melanie is already a serial entrepreneur who recently raised one of Australia’s largest early stage investment rounds as CEO of Canva, a disruptive online platform allowing anyone to create professional quality designs, to investors in Silicon Valley and Australia.  Previously, Melanie founded her first company, Fusion Books, an online design system for schools to create their yearbooks. Fusion Books is now the largest yearbook publisher in Australia and recently expanded to France and New Zealand. Visit

Some our fabulous IT companies in Australia, for example did you know in Australia the head of Microsoft (Pip Marlow), Pandora (Jane Huxley), Google (Maile Carnegie) , Paypal (Libby Roy), (Tracey Fellows) and of course Red Balloon (Naomi Simson)

Other companies include Billabong (Launa Inman), Il Tutto (Lucie Trinco), Bulldogs (Raelene Castle) . Heads over heels does a wonderful job providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive.  Here are some of the groups they work with

I know I have missed many others and I apologise for those that I have missed.  However I just wanted to point out how excited I was to see Melanie getting great business press.

Hello world!

Today I wonder when our leaders will speak up about the violence of men.  There needs to be a major campaign to change our attitudes to violence.  There is no action that women can take to avoid violence at home and in the community.  It is up to the community change their attitude to violent men.