What matters to me…

At quiet times I like to reflect on the things that make me smile right from my heart.

In the night I lay and stroked my gorgeous 2 year old granddaughter who was not well.  Her skin is so soft and she cuddled right in.  What a gift.

I played soccer with my grandson who at 6 is already just too good and so much fun.  If I could only convince him that kicking even a lightweight ball inside is not a good idea.

I read a wonderful blog from a woman who wanted to write but needed the courage to get started.  It provided a wonderful insight on country life and I hope she keeps writing.  In just a few blogs her style is taking shape.

Last week I sat on the beach on the lagoon in Noumea watching the sun set – so beautiful!  Six days of relaxation and over 10,000 steps each day.

I watched the video of the black bear rolling down the hill just for fun.  A good reminder that we all need to do things that are just for fun.

I read an article on wonderful woven houses that were completely sustainable and thought how smart were the women who designed them.  The fabulous use of solar and water collection.  The soccer balls that store energy just from being kicked around.

I sit and look at the harbour and the blue sky and know that I am so privileged without bombs or danger in my life every day.  I thank those like MSF who seek to help where others may hesitate to go.

There is so much good in this world if we could just change our spend from making war to building a sustainable world, from punishing wrong doers to early interventions, to sharing great ideas and caring for others.

Are you privileged?

Here are some questions you might like to consider and higher your score the more privilege you have.  I encourage you to take the time to also watch the videos.

  1. Are you a man?
  2. Are you Caucasian?
  3. Are you over 180cm tall?
  4. Are you under 50?
  5. Do you have a university degree or post secondary qualification?
  6. Did you grow up in a good and safe area?
  7. Did you finish high school?
  8. Is English your first language?
  9. Have you ever got a job through a connection?
  10. Are you heterosexual?
  11. Are you without a disability?
  12. Do you have shelter and sufficient food?
  13. Are you financially stable?
  14. Are you healthy?
  15. Is your life free of abuse?

Video clips –


Includes coarse language


Longer Panel Session