Is it time for a job change?


Want a job change?

Are you reflecting on your need for a new job? I would like to take a few moments to suggest you stop, look and think before you race into it.

  • Have you taken the time to document for yourself what do you love about this job and what would you like to change? What are the things you would like to do more of and do you have the skills that you need?
  • Have you had an authentic conversation with your manager to discuss the things you would like to spend more time on? Perhaps your role can be reworked to provide you with more time on the components you enjoy. You will never know if you don’t ask
  • If you perceive your manager as the problem, have you taken the time to reflect on their style and how you could flex your communication style to achieve more positive outcomes? Often, if your styles are very different this may get in the way of developing a positive relationship and lead to a lack of satisfaction.
  • Have you considered a special project or placement in another area of your current business? Perhaps this would provide an opportunity to broaden your skills and seek new opportunities. At the end of the assignment new opportunities may appear.

If these points do not achieve the change that you want, perhaps it is time to look elsewhere. Don’t fall into the trap that the grass will be greener in a new organisation. Perhaps your inability to flex communication or communicate authentically will become a problem in the new role as well.

  • Don’t rush into a resignation
  • Update your social media presence (especially Linked In)
  • Talk with a trusted observer (mentor) about your goals and seek their direct feedback on behaviours that may be holding you back
  • Build relationships with at least three search consultants to provide insights into market opportunities and to provide feedback on your job prospects.
  • Identify at least five other organisations that you believe are appealing and research their websites and press. Don’t limit yourself to your current industry sector, as management skills are transferable across sectors. Be sure to open your mind when you are looking for new opportunities.
  • Find connections that work in your targeted organisations and take a coffee with them. Determine the opportunities that may be available, ask questions about the culture, values and career development.
  • If you don’t have the connections ask others who may be able to introduce you into the organisation.

Good luck!