Are you privileged?

Here are some questions you might like to consider and higher your score the more privilege you have.  I encourage you to take the time to also watch the videos.

  1. Are you a man?
  2. Are you Caucasian?
  3. Are you over 180cm tall?
  4. Are you under 50?
  5. Do you have a university degree or post secondary qualification?
  6. Did you grow up in a good and safe area?
  7. Did you finish high school?
  8. Is English your first language?
  9. Have you ever got a job through a connection?
  10. Are you heterosexual?
  11. Are you without a disability?
  12. Do you have shelter and sufficient food?
  13. Are you financially stable?
  14. Are you healthy?
  15. Is your life free of abuse?

Video clips –

Includes coarse language

Longer Panel Session

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